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Creature Kickstarter Project 4/23/12

CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT,  a South Florida Based Film and Comic Book Production company is turning to the internet to raise money for it's current project and books to be released for the San Diego Comic-Con, the largest comic book and entertainment convention in the country, and to make a mark on the huge media field that exists there. Already they have collected over $3,000 toward there goals, with various fans and recent discoverers of their books and films,  coming out to support and help this group of creators and artist towards they're goal.
CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT, Creators of  comic books and films that have been highlighted at Orlando Megacon, Miami Supercon, and New York Comic-Con. As an indie publisher, we have the following comic book  titles under our umbrella: The Gun, Forgive Me Father, Tommy, The Zombie Years, Ravenous, TS-101 and UltraVixen. Having produced some noteworthy short films such as: Reservoir Bats, Killswitch Billy, Thanks Grandpa and TS-101. "We have been laboring since 2008, with VERY shallow pockets, creating high quality books and films that try to push the boundaries." said John Ulloa, Publisher and Producer for the company, "Our company is comprised of 8 creatives who span a generous range of talent. The Creature Entertainment fellowship is comprised of artists, webmasters, filmmakers, audio engineers, designers, photographers, writers, creative directors, editors and prop makers. Many have families and 9-5 jobs, yet have taken some amazing strides with the little that they have. Despite a severe lack of resources,  we have somehow managed to create an impressive body of work. with quality of work and personal attention to fans, while helping us build a brand at comic conventions and film festivals. "

Juan Navarro, Editor-in-Chief of Creature said this, "We have exhausted the wells of family and friends. Favors will only get you so far. We are busting at the seams with opportunity, and having capital will help break our financial bottleneck. Due to the quality of our work, we have already been selected for major nationwide distribution through Diamond Distributors (the "Major Leagues" of comic book distribution). This is a feather in our cap. But acquiring distribution means we need to commit to a steady and consistent output of content. Currently, we have five titles and only two artists. It's an impossible task, especially when they have jobs and family. We also need to hire artists, colorists and inkers to help us create new material and meet publication deadlines. On the film side, we have been humbled by the extremely talented and professional cast and crew members that have donated weeks of their time, unpaid, because they believe in what we're doing. But we find that we simply cannot keep asking for free help. We want to honor their loyalty and dedication by being able to pay them a fair and decent wage. We also need to order t-shirts, buttons, cards, specialty books, prints and posters, etc."

San Diego Comic Con is the piece that ties this all together. A strategic and strong showing here can be a game-changer. Your financial contributions will help us pay to finish our film "THE COLLECTORS", along with the previously-mentioned expenses for the comic books. We intend to have these products ready to sell at SDCC and beyond."
We've done a lot of our work, scratching the walls, and shaking the couch for change to get where we are now. We've done A LOT with nothing, we would now like to work with something to increase production value and productivity.