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Print Issues Call for Participation

Print Issue Call for Participation

Hello everyone. Going to lay this out there and see what takes hold. Jay Savage and I are prepping to start putting new issues of Self Publisher! Magazine out each and every month. We feel that this is the path to rebuilding a solid place of focus for creators seeking information and promotion of their work. We feel there is an audience out there interested in getting to know the creators better, and that has an interest in the history and legacy of small press that SP! has covered in some form or another since 1988. I won't bore you with any further WHY info. If you don't get the WHY, then SP! isn't for you. What this article is about, is what YOU can do, right now, to be in the magazine.

NEWS RELEASES: Send us your NEWS, and no - a Facebook blurb to check out your Kickstarter campaign is not really news. What we are interested in is hearing about new projects getting underway, your plans for the upcoming month for appearances and such. We will probably set up listing-type pages for upcoming releases and Kickstarter caompains, to help, but the NEWS that we post on the website, then collect in each month's issue, will be of more general interest nature, so we present a snapshot of what is going on, that people can focus on when reading in their nooks, etc.

ARTICLES: We are looking for personal viewpoints that people will enjoy reading. things like: convention reports - tell us what your experience was like at XXX convention. How-Tos, you're mastering a technique and would like to share it, show the world your point of view on it. We need people interested in being assigned interviews, and people willing to GIVE interviews. A large part of SP! Magazine is going to be getting to know people. I will be making lists of people on both sides of that, and helping set up what we are looking to learn about people. Also, any special-interest article/re-used blog topic you wish to expand on and refine, let's hear it.

REVIEWS: We want to present as many reviews of as many different types of publications as we can. So whether you want your work reviewed, or you want to become a reviewer and be assigned things to review, let us know you are interested in that, and I will add you to that segment of lists. I have been actively reviewing and posting new reviews almost every weekday for a couple weeks now, from things I picked up at SPACE this year. There are literally thousands of more things coming out every month. Our mission is to let people know what is worth seeking out, while also telling publishers things they are doing wrong, so that they can learn and grow.

ADVERTISEMENTS: For now - SP! Magazine is going to offer FREE ADVERTISING to everyone. We need ads of all shapes and sizes, up to full magazine size pages. I will be posting a page that shows the sizes we'd like to have, that people can feel free to send in one of each of. Free advertising will last as long as we are still in establishing mode. We have some things we're going to try to do as far as print issues, allowing people to print their own copies, and such. When we charge for advertisements, we feel it will be when we can assure publishers XXX number of copies will be printed and those copies will be given away at YYY show. We are not doing this magazine to soak publishers of $$. I personally am continuing this effort because it's just what I want to do. The website is paid for, and as long as other costs get covered, I want to see this magazine be as free to use and read as possible.

Self Publisher! Magazine is taking the perspective of: The publishing world is in rapid change mode, and we are going to chronicle, learn, and grow with these vast changes. It's a journey that we are inviting anyone who publishes stuff, on a non corporate level (as in, you don't have shareholders telling you what to do), to take with us. Reply to right away to get involved in this magazine.


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