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SP! Magazine's winding run


1992 was a bit of a crash and burn year, where I get a divorce, a flood destroys the work of one of the issues, and even though we see the numbering change from Vol./Num. to an overall numbering…SP!'s Mid-magazine format ends this year, as well as my being editor, which is handed over to others.

1993 sees the biggest change in SP! so far, as a new newsprint/newspaper size is adopted, new editor brought on, and it takes most of the year to get a new issue out. Though when it does hit, it goes out with a 1,000 copy print run most of which are given away in comic and record stores in Cleveland, Ohio.


1994 sees SP! come to a rather optimistic end. I was in a good place when it was written and assembled. It did take all of a year to get the issue out, and some of what happened immediately after this issue is lost to unclear memory. It is, however, the last issue of the initial SP! run.

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